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Franklin Habit posted an essay a few years back on how to be a superb student in two parts. We thought this was so helpful we are sharing it with you. Check out part one here and part two here

Please remember to check the homework and supply lists for classes you're taking. Coming to class prepared makes it the best experience for you, your classmates and the instructor.


Fiona Ellis

Advance beginner - intermediate level

25 students max

Fiona would like to teach the whole world how to knit cables because she LOVES the technique!  In this workshop she will show you how to twist in a number of different ways, how to read charts and how to add cables to simple projects for stunning details.  This workshop is a must for newer knitters who love the look of texture, or knitters who need a refresher with a twist. (3 hrs)


Fiona Ellis

Intermediate - advanced level

25 students max

When knitting cables based on Celtic patterns, there are some techniques that you may not use in regular rope cables.  While you knit a sample to try them out, Fiona will demo the techniques, show you how to read the charts - including looking at the symbols used, and for the more advanced cable knitter, discuss how you might modify patterns to make them your own.  With an understanding of what is taking place when cabling, you will be better able to follow a pattern or fix any mistakes as they arise (which never happens, right?)  (3 hrs)


Fiona Ellis

Intermediate - advanced level

25 students max

Traditional Fair Isle patterns were designed in natural settings and drew their inspiration from that environment.  Join Fiona to learn how to do this using our urban city landscape as inspiration.  She will provide images to use as a springboard for ideas and show you how to use them to create modern graphic patterns suitable for knitting using the Fair Isle technique.  You will also look at how to combine patterns and how to dream up funky non-traditional colour stories.  (3 hrs)


Fiona Ellis

All levels (must be able to knit, purl, cast on & cast off)

25 students max

We've heard the phrase "Knitting is the New Yoga".  Fiona loves both yoga and knitting.  Join her as she brings awareness to what is taking place during our knitting practice.  She will lead some knitting exercises that will begin to teach many of the things she has learned from yoga.  You can expect to come away with something new and useful; that may be a nifty new knitting trick, or, you may learn something about yourself and how knitting can be used as meditation. (3 hrs)


Michele Reed

All levels (Prior crochet experience helpful, but not necessary, ie. YO, picking up stitches)

25 students max

Tunisian crochet, also known as Afghan Stitch, is often called a cross between knitting and crochet.  Learn the basic Tunisian Simple Stitch in this class and see examples of advanced colorwork and stitch options.  No need to know how to know how to crochet - if you can make a slip knot, yarn over, and pick up stitches, you can learn Tunisian. (3 hrs)


Ana Reinert

All levels

25 students max

Employ color theory techniques, inspirations from nature and the world around you to enhance your color choices in your knitting, crochet or spinning.  Hallmark Cards designer, Ana Reinert, shares research and tips for clash-free, colorful fiber projects.  All fiber artists welcome for all experience levels.  (3 hrs)


Marta Howe

All levels (crochet experience helpful, but not required)

25 students max

In this class, you will learn to crochet a handsome rug from alpaca blend rovings, 70% alpaca and 30% wool.  The rug will be natural, soft, and warm.  This class includes an additional materials fee for one pound of roving (varied natural colors), directions and a crochet hook. (This is a great Mother's Day gift!)  (3 hrs)


Jeanne C Abel

All levels (must be able to knit, purl, cast-on, bind-off)

25 students max

What can you do with that uber-fine yarn that doesn't involve itty-bitty needles?  Navajo plying!  Come learn some "as-you-knit" plying techniques that will broaden your horizons (and maybe blow your mind!).  We'll talk about the how and the why, and have time to start a simple project.  I'll have lots of samples that will get you thinking...and conquer that fear of fine yarn!  (1hr 15min)


Kim Dominic

Intermediate level

25 students max

With double knitting, you can make a fabric of double thickness that is completely reversible, with different or identical features on each side.  This is a popular technique for making warm scarves, especially those seen in the stands at professional soccer matches.  In this class we will explore the double knitting technique, beginning with one color, and advancing to two color double knitting.  The class projects include a single color sachet/soap bag and two-color coasters to learn the techniques.  The class handout will contain charts for completing a set of four coasters bearing images of playing card suits.  (3 hrs)


Joan Daniels

Intermediate & above (must know knit, purl, k2tog, ssk)

25 students max

Learn a new technique using the skills you already know.  Entrelac knitting looks as if you had woven strips of stockinette, but you create the pattern with triangles and squares.  In this class you will learn the technique and make a square that can later be felted into a trivet or pad for a hot dish on your table.  (3 hrs)


Johanna Barnes

All levels

25 students max

The I-cord is a tube knitted in the round with two double-pointed needles (dpns).  Elizabeth Zimmermann named it the Idiot Cord in honor of her accidental discovery of the simple technique.  Learn how to incorporate this technique into all kinds of projects, from the practical to the whimsical.  (1hr 15min)


Laura Isaac

Advanced beginner/intermediate (must know how to cast-on, knit, purl, and make basic YO's)

25 students max

Learn to love lace stitches and not be afraid to dive into reading a chart with this class!  We will practice various special lace stitches, learn the basics of reading a lace chart, and review special tips for lace knitting to help take some of the intimidation out of those lovely shawl patterns you've been eyeing!  Additional materials fee for this class covers the cost of an original lace shawlette pattern, an outline of various lace stitches, and bibliography of knitting tips resources.  (3 hrs)


Marilyn King

Advanced beginner/intermediate
Should be interested in knitting sweaters, and would benefit from having knit at least one sweater

25 students max

We all have different body types.  The trick is to find the sweater shape that is right for you.  Sometimes it's easier to change an existing pattern than to find the perfect pattern - if you know what to do.  In this class we will explore all of those issues and challenges, and you'll come away with a better understanding of your own body type and how to create the right sweater for you.  WE WON'T BE KNITTING IN THIS CLASS.  (3 hrs)


Carol Eddington

All levels
25 students max

Face it:  mistakes happen!  To become a confident knitter, it's important to understand stitch structure and how to recognize and fix those pesky mistakes.  Topics covered in this class:  dropped, slipped, twisted, incomplete and added stitches, how to unknit, how to read your knitting, how to use a lifeline, and more.  (3 hrs)


Christine Long Derks

Advanced beginner/Intermediate (must know how to knit, purl, YO, K2tog)
25 students max

Learn three easy lace patterns for knitting scarves with hand dyed sock yarns!  You will find techniques for which patterns look good in semisolid yarns and which look great in wild hand dyed colorways.  Don't hide away that beautiful hand dyed yarn in your shoes - show it off with lovely scarves to expand your wardrobe and keep you warm too! Additional materials fee for this class covers sock yarn samples to practice 3 different techniques.  (3 hrs)


Teri Plemel

Student should be comfortable using double-pointed needles (dpns)
Student must know how to knit, purl, increase, decrease
25 students max

Knitting socks from the toe up is a great way to ensure the best fit, and to fully utilize the amount of yarn you have.  In this class, you will learn to knit socks from the toe up on a small scale.  In our limited amount of class time, we will make a mini sock.  However, you will learn the techniques necessary to make a great fitting toe up sock on a full-sized scale as well.  (3 hrs)

Regarding Homework and Supplies
We are continuing to update the site with the homework and supplies needed for each class as we receive them. We will send an email to all registered students once all information has been updated. Thanks for your patience!

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